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Fashion after forty: Which rules to follow and which to skip?

Updated: 4 days ago

If you're over forty, chances are your wardrobe is much more moderate than it was ten years ago. But that certainly doesn't mean it has to be boring. Some fashion rules are a little too strict, in our opinion. Which ones are worth breaking and which ones are worth following?

Rules that are unnecessarily strict

Don't show your legs

This rule is completely nonsensical! Sure, a tiny miniskirt or shorts with a butt showing can look ridiculous, even on younger people. But if you have nice legs or enough self-confidence, you definitely don't have to throw out all skirts, dresses and above-the-knee shorts from your wardrobe immediately after celebrating your 40th birthday.

The ideal colour is black

More nonsense! Yes, black is a versatile colour that will forgive us some extra pounds, but it certainly doesn't have to make up your entire wardrobe. Wear any colour you like. Even pink, which is mistakenly thought of as a colour only for teenagers.

Forget the tank tops

Some fashion rules say that after 40 you should only wear tops with sleeves. It's unnecessarily strict. Again, if you feel great in a spaghetti strap top, there's no reason why you can't wear it with, say, a floral midi skirt in the summer.

Don't wear ripped jeans

If you like this trend, there's no reason why you can't indulge. But too much of everything is bad for you! A hole or rip here and there will look great, leave the extremely ripped jeans to the teenagers.

Wear only one-piece swimsuits

If you feel confident and comfortable in a one-piece swimsuit, wear it. But if you dare to wear a bikini, there's no need to give it up. Just make sure that both the top and the bottom fit really well. That's the most important thing!

Rules that are worth following

Get the key pieces

You can indulge in a fashion fad from time to time, but what you'll appreciate most are pieces that are easy to mix and match and that suit you. You know what you look and feel good in, so you can outfit your wardrobe with practical and timeless pieces. It could be a trench coat, a perfectly fitting blazer, skinny jeans or a single-colour smart shirt.


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